The questions based on Standards on Auditing, Companies Act, Professional Ethics and case study can be a high scoring area in Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics. The following are the presentation tips for these types of question the Chartered Accountancy Examination.

First Part
Explain relevant provisions of Standards on Auditing/Companies act/Schedules relating to professional ethics. You need not reproduce the exact text but should cover the crux of the relevant SA/Act/Ethics. Be careful while quoting section numbers, SA numbers and clauses because you will lose more marks for an incorrect reference

Second Part
Explain the relevant facts and circumstances of the case. Demonstrate the relationship between first part and facts of the case. Analyse the case with reference to the provisions of SA, Companies Act or professional ethics requirements.

Third Part
This is the concluding part. Based on the arguments of the second part, give a conclusion. The conclusion should be according to the requirement of the question. If the question asks – “What should the auditor do?”, you should suggest action points for the auditor. If the question asks – “Is the treatment given by company correct?, you must mention whether the treatment is correct or not correct. Sometimes you can mention action by auditor even if not asked specifically by the question.

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