Following are the gist of Recommendations :

  • Re-evaluation of answer books not recommended. 
  • Errors that are apparent and don’t require the application of mind may be corrected. For e.g True or false questions. However, No re-evaluation recommended in other cases. 
  • Make entry at Foundation level tough – Recommendation to restrict the number of attempts to 3. 
  • If a candidate scores less than 20% at Inter level for two consecutive attempts, the candidate will not be allowed to appear in the next two exams. 
  • Minimum stipend paid to be doubled. 
  • Committee not in favor of MCQ – Recommends ICAI to review the need for MCQs. If ICAI accepts this recommendation, MCQs may be withdrawn. 
  • Negative marking recommended for MCQs. 
  • Model answers (without marking scheme to be published)
  • Publish MCQ questions and answer keys
  • Provide copies of answer books to all candidates 

These are at the recommendation stage and the final decision is not yet taken.

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