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Accounting / FR – AS 17

Income-tax Law – Income from House Property

GST – Time of Supply

Auditing – SA 320, SA 505

Economics for Finance – Money Multiplier, CRR, etc.

Advanced Accounting – Amalgamation of Companies, Purchase Consideration computation & Illustrations

Financial management – Indifference point, Leverages & Concept of Present value

Strategic Management – BCG Matrix, Competitive strategy

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Here is the course outline:

  1. MCQ’s – CA Inter
  2. AS 17 Segment Reporting
  3. Income from House Property
  4. Time of Supply Goods and Services Tax
  5. Amalgamation of Companies Advanced Accounting
  6.  Financial Management CA Inter
  7. Economics for Finance CA Inter
  8. SA 320 Materiality in Planning and Performing an Audit
  9. SA 505 External Confirmation

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