Simple Teaching, Better Understanding of Economics for Finance

Course Length: 30 Hours

Course Validity: Till May 2020 Exams

Who Should Join: Anyone wanting to excel in Economics for Finance in CA Inter Examinations

What Do You Get:

Entire Syllabus of Economics for Finance excluding Financial Management

Unlimited views of interactive, visually attractive and practical videos

Notes in PDF format

Ability to access in Desktop, Android and iOS

Continued support through Help Section, Email (, and WhatsApp (9640111110)

Course Outline

  • National Income Accounting
  • Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income
  • Fiscal Functions
  • Market Failure
  • Govt Interventions to Correct Market Failure
  • Fiscal Policy
  • The Concept of Money Demand
  • The Concept of Money Supply
  • Monetary Policy
  • Theories of International Trade
  • Instruments of Trade Policy
  • Trade Negotiations
  • Exchange Rates & Economic Effects
  • International Capital Movements

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